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What is Micro stamping?

What is Micro stamping?

Micro stamping is a process where certain internal parts of a firearm are etched with a serial number in the attempt to permanently mark expended cartridge cases.  The theory behind this technology is that the cases found at a crime scene would have a serial number and therefore be easily traced to the weapon that fired them.  The police arrive at a homicide scene.  There are expended cartridge casings on the ground.  The police collect them, take them to the crime lab, look at them under the microscope, and get on the computer and punch in the numbers. The detective calls a judge and gets a warrant while a swat team is in route to the address on the computer.  Crime solved, right?  The problem is the theory you see played out on CSI or NCIS doesn’t work out all that well in real life.

Several problems are immediately apparent.  First, crimes are by definition committed by criminals. Most serious crimes are committed by repeat offenders. Federal law already prohibits possession of  firearms by felons.  The whole idea is flawed just on these grounds. Next, IF the serialization actually works, it would lead to the last registered owner of a particular firearm. In order for this technology to work there has to be a registry of firearms. Firearms registry is it’s self an idea that doesn’t work.  Canada recently scrapped its long gun registry because it just didn’t work as a crime prevention, crime solving matter.  The only thing Canada’s registry did was cost enormous amounts of money and make criminals out of gun owners who refused to register their guns.

The linked Wikipedia article talks about Canadian long gun registry in particular, and goes into some detail about gun registration in general.  It just doesn’t work, it is intrusive, and puts an unnecessary burden on law abiding people. The article on micro stamping talks about the pros and cons of micro stamping.  My personal knowledge of firearms tells me it is just plain stupid. The only thing micro stamping technology would do is force a registry and cause problems for people who have done no wrong.