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Reaping the Whirlwind


This article proves opposite points of view to different people. One side thinks that “Stand your ground” laws caused George Zimmerman to shoot “a Child”.  The other side wonders where we ever got the idea that a righteous person has to flee from any evil, much less a life threat. The author(s) also managed to work in the race card.  Wonderful, wonderful piece of propaganda.  I wish I were as skillful at influencing people as the folks at Harvard.  If I were, here are some of the things I would try to bring to your mind.

Be a daddy. Most violent offenders didn’t have a father in the home. If you want your son to grow up to be a productive, law abiding citizen, maybe you should get a job, a haircut, and try your best to be faithful to your wife, preferably the woman who is also your son’ mother.

Get a job.  While it happens, not too many gainfully employed people get into serious legal trouble. A great majority of violent offenders are unemployed or underemployed.  We had a movement lately for fast food workers to go on strike for a “living wage”. I think we have lost the concept of an “entry level job”.  Handing out carts at Walmart is a great job for a retired person who wants a little extra money and something to get them out of the house.  Fast food is pretty good for a student…Which brings up another point.

Get some education. If you don’t get educated formally, “get a trade”.  Trade schools or apprentice programs are a really good way to earn as you learn. If Dad had done something like that it would be easy to encourage Jr to do the same, right? College isn’t for everyone.  It is designed to take an average student and turn out a product, and entry level worker, that an industry or profession can use.  I repeat, college isn’t for everyone.  Neither is a trade.  Some folks are meant to be business people, artists, whatever.  If that is the case, get with other folks who re good at what you want to do and do what they do. That is education, too.

Be accountable.  What was a “child” doing out at 2:00am in the morning?  There isn’t much that is moral or legal going on at 2:00am anywhere in the US.  I suspect that most violent crime happens at times when “decent” people are asleep.

Don’t associate with trash.  A huge percentage of murders, violent assaults and rapes are perpetrated by folks who know each other.  It doesn’t matter if the trash in your life is white trash, black trash, or brown trash, leave it at the curb where trash belongs.  If your family is trash, get away from them!  It is that important.

The big problem with America and the rest of the World is lack of responsibility.  We all want to “do what thou will”, the mantra of Alistair Crowley. Alistair Crowley was a wizard and a Satanist.  He was called “the wickedest man alive”, and “The Beast” by the British press during his life time.  We have a whole generation who take his advice.  It seems even the learned folks at Harvard refuse to accept the responsibility for their own actions, choosing instead to blame guns for a shooting death. I suppose if a child is run over in the street it is the folks who made the tires on the car who are to blame.  After all. Dr. Phil was on T.V.  Who expects you to watch that two year old all the time?  “Do what thou will” and reap the whirlwind.  Or, do what is right and live to a ripe old age.  It is a matter of choice. The sad part is many times it is generational.  The children also reap the whirlwind when the parents sow to the wind.