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His and hers Homestead defense

The way I see it

The way I see it

The time has finally come for Ma to upgrade her home defense hardware. Business has me on the road a lot more and we are getting ready to add some livestock to the farm, so varmint killing will be a big thing. I have gone against my own advice for husbands and tried to gently nudge my wife into this handgun or that one, but to no avail. She likes her S& W Bodyguard with Crimson trace grips and that is it. She did decide on her own that 5 shots might not be enough firepower to deal with  a gang of thugs, and she started asking about my AR 15.

After only one trip to the backyard range, she was sold. Kind if grinning, too. If you can find someone a gun they Like to shoot, you have won the battle. Give them some basics and a bunch of ammo and you’re set. Several problems came up in selecting a good quality AR for her.  First, She is going to accessorize it. I didn’t want anything but a basic entry level carbine, but I wanted it to be high quality. It will be configured for CQB/ Home defense, my AR will be more of a light sniping rifle. I will use it for deer, coyotes, bobcats, whatever is edible or bothering the gardens and or livestock. I always carry a duty sized handgun so my needs are a little different than hers. I have promised a red dot sight, and past that she is on he own.  Whatever she wants and whatever adds to her confidence I am going to help her find. So, for that reason, and because of her smaller stature, weight was crucial.  I wanted a Carbon fiber lower to help with weight.

I found a Windam Carbon fiber upper and lower and M-4 contour barrel AR in my price range. It weighs less than 6 lbs without sights, so it will be a good candidate for a red dot, and possibly a laser/ light combo. I put the scope I just took off my AR  on it and sighted it for 100 yards. Personally, I think I am in love.  I may have to rethink the whole heavy barrel AR thing for my farm gun.

Anyhow, we are both equipped with a black rifle now, and I will keep you posted, maybe do a video. The next thing I want to talk about, for sure,  is ammo selection. I am getting the fine points worked out on my hand loads for both rifles. While there is no “one load does it all” I am positive I have worked out a practice, defense and  hunting load that will be cheap and effective. his and hers