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Guns in Bars?

Guns in Bars?


I recently saw this article.  I have always cautioned my students to avoid people and places that are full of people that imbibing alcohol.  I grew up in a home where alcohol was used sparingly, responsibly, and without incident.  Others can tell you horror stories.  That is not what this is about.  People are people.  Some folks just can’t handle booze.  The fellow who gets liquored up on the weekend may well be a monster…until he sobers up. Most folks with substance abuse problems are really nice folks….when they aren’t impaired. If you choose to carry a deadly weapon for personal protection JUST DON’T GO WHERE TROUBLE IS, or where trouble may be, PERIOD! This includes the sawmill, Uncle Bub’s garage, where they work on the race car and drink a few beers, the hunting cabin, the duck blind, the campground. People who are intoxicated and people who carry deadly weapons JUST DON’T MIX. Notice I didn’t say alcohol and firearms don’t mix.  This is also true, but it is a different rule.

North Carolina Law still prohibits carrying a concealed weapon while there is any alcohol in your system.  A lot of folks don’t keep up with these matters, but the blood alcohol level to be considered “impaired” while driving changed several years ago to a lower level.  There is a move to lower it further. It has always been illegal to have illegal substances, like THC or cocaine  in your blood  while carrying. Improper use of prescriptions is while carrying is also illegal. I don’t want to digress into moralizing or preaching, but you really just can’t afford to have your judgment impaired at all when you are doing some things, like driving a car, piloting an aircraft, operating on someone’s heart…..is it ever really worth it at all?  For me and a lot of other folks, we just say no. It is a personal choice, and I will leave it there.

What about places that sell and serve alcohol that are “family establishments”?  It seems like the only places that don’t sell alcohol anymore are fast food, the fish camp, and the food trucks.  The question I have is “How many drunks have you ever seen there? “.  If intoxicated people frequent the place, leave.  That simple.   Nothing wrong with you carrying your gun where others are responsibly drinking.  But as for me, I am going to do my very best not to take my family anywhere I think trouble is or might be.  No bars for me, guns or not. Not too many places where alcohol is served at all. I guess I lead a very boring life, but I hope to make it a long one.