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Guns In Schools? 

Guns in Schools?


The way some folks are carrying on, you would think that all the teachers, parents, and some of the students in public schools in NC are toting light machine guns in their back packs, giving each other an icy stare from behind a pair of “operator” type reflector lenses.  No more groups of friends, but squads of folks going down the hall, steely eyes never resting, even doing the “Ulster Twirl” like the SAS on patrol in Belfast. Maybe more like Delta force on training exercises. Have the conservatives lost their minds?

As usual, the truth is pretty far from what is in the papers and other media.  First, it is still a FELONY to actually carry a concealed handgun on a school campus.  Believe it or not, I am O.K. with that. I have had some active shooter training, and regardless of what folks think, a concealed carry permit holder with a gun on school grounds is very unlikely to make any difference in an active shooter scenario. Their only positive role would be as a deterent.  That is to say, if folks knew teachers, administrators, etc. were possibly armed they might pick another place to have a shoot ‘em up.  I think the operative word here is might. I know the movies look cool with Bruce Willis single handedly taking on fifty terrorists in all the movies, but the truth is DIE HARD would have worked out a lot more like DIE QUICK in real life.

In the article I have linked to some folks seem to be concerned that a well meaning student or teacher/administrator would try to run to their car and get a handgun and return inside the school to try and “take out “ an active shooter.  Well, first, that would be a personal choice.  You can’t legislate against stupid.  Second, if you look at the way these things usually go down the time frame just isn’t long enough, the training to deal with a situation isn’t there, and how would one person with a handgun go back to his vehicle, get a gun, return to the building and deal with a threat that he has no idea how to locate?  Bruce Willis seems to always know where the bad guy is, but reality is that it is going to be hard to find someone who is not wanting to be found.  That is exactly what the anti-gun people are saying!  AM I agreeing with them?  YES!   I agree with everything they are saying, except the part about the police going in and mowing down anyone with a gun.  That part, even coming from a police officer, is bravo sierra. Just not true.  Even in an active shooter situation it is unlikely responders would mow anyone down without warning.  If the chief in the article is training his people to shoot anyone, anytime without warning we have a serious problem.  I sincerely hope that is not what he was implying.

The antis are exactly right in what they are saying.  The trouble is they are using sleight of hand to deceive people.  A man told me a long time ago that “Figures don’t lie, but Liars sometimes do figure.”   I am not sure where antis get the idea that all concealed carry holders are vacant of common sense.  I Can assure you the last thing I would do if I were in a situation where there was an active shooter is to run to my car and get a handgun and come back into the building.  This new legislation isn’t about turning granddad into Delta force.  What it is about is not forcing law abiding citizens to give up their liberty because of the criminal intent of others. I have a carry permit.  I jumped through the hoops of learning the law, being schooled on safety, another background check, and I don’t think I should have to leave my handgun at home when I drop off or pick up a student or go to a school on business. I am not the Po Lice.  I don’t want to be the Po Lice.  I am not a special forces tactical operator, I am not a member of the SWAT team.  But I am not going to drive 14 miles round trip to take my handgun home so I can come back to the school and help my wife, who is a teacher with some project she is working on.  I am also very glad she now has the option to keep a handgun in a “closed compartment in a locked vehicle”.  Before the law changed there was no point in getting a carry permit.  Like so many other people who work in public education her life literally revolves around the school the students, and the activities she is involved in.  Up until now a carry permit would have been useless.  It was a felony for a student or a staff member to have a firearm in a car before October 1. Now, it is a matter of choice for her and all the other teachers and administrators who work in public education.

The kind of thinking displayed by the folks who are opposed to this new legislation offends me deeply.  As a police officer or an administrator, do they really think we are that stupid? Apparently so.  If nothing else it is Chicken Little thinking.  “The sky is falling!”  Really? It hasn’t hit the ground anywhere else that having a firearm locked in a vehicle is legal. When has a student ever stolen a gun from a staff member’s car and used it to commit a mass murder?  When has a concealed carry permit holder ever been shot by police while playing anti-terrorist?  I agree that a “good guy with a gun” stopping a mass shooting is a little far-fetched.  The detterent value is huge.  But the effectiveness of a lone defender with no active shooter training and only with a handgun against a mass shooting is virtually nil.  Anyone who has taken my concealed carry class should understand that.

So, let’s recap.  The new law is bad because a CCH permit holder might get his gun out of his car and get shot when Law Enforcement mistakes them for a terrorist.  Sure they will, it happens all the time. The new law is bad because someone might steal a gun from a car and go on a mass shooting spree.  Kind of spur of the moment, but hey, I get mad enough to shoot people a least once a day, don’t you? It was there, locked in a vehicle in a closed compartment, and I just had to shoot someone with it .The new law is bad because a parent who has a concealed handgun in his car might get mad, go get the handgun, and shoot a teacher or administrator.  He wasn’t planning on it, and he isn’t going to drive home and get a gun, but because it is in the car…why not just shoot someone? The new law is bad because the gun might go off all by its self and kill someone.  In a locked vehicle, in a closed compartment.  Hey, it could happen, right?  We all know they go off by themselves all the time. The reason I am offended is not that these people are ignorant.  The reason I am offended is because a certain segment of society has decided that those of us who carry a gun are idiots and cannot be trusted.  I sure hope they don’t decide they dis trust Jews, Baptists, left handed people, folks of different races, fat people, etc. I have a sneaky suspicion they don’t trust conservatives. The best thing to come out of all this is the reminder that everyone doesn’t think the same way, and it is very seldom because of reality.  Both sides of the gun issue have some fringe elements.  There are public educators and police officers, as well as gun owners who are way out there. My opinion on this one is what it typically is; keep it in the middle folks.  The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. The changes that have come into effect October 1 are not about public safety, they are administrative.  These changes will keep law abiding people from being forced to make major adjustments in their day to day lives to comply with a senseless legal code.  The whining from the folks who lost ground in this legal change should be a reminder of just how real their distrust and loathing for some of our ideas really is. Their tactics should remind us that you can deceive folks without ever actually telling a lie.  Relevance is just as important as accuracy.  None of the “concerns” voiced by opponents of this latest legal change seem relevant to me.

Guns in Bars? 

Guns in Bars?


I recently saw this article.  I have always cautioned my students to avoid people and places that are full of people that imbibing alcohol.  I grew up in a home where alcohol was used sparingly, responsibly, and without incident.  Others can tell you horror stories.  That is not what this is about.  People are people.  Some folks just can’t handle booze.  The fellow who gets liquored up on the weekend may well be a monster…until he sobers up. Most folks with substance abuse problems are really nice folks….when they aren’t impaired. If you choose to carry a deadly weapon for personal protection JUST DON’T GO WHERE TROUBLE IS, or where trouble may be, PERIOD! This includes the sawmill, Uncle Bub’s garage, where they work on the race car and drink a few beers, the hunting cabin, the duck blind, the campground. People who are intoxicated and people who carry deadly weapons JUST DON’T MIX. Notice I didn’t say alcohol and firearms don’t mix.  This is also true, but it is a different rule.

North Carolina Law still prohibits carrying a concealed weapon while there is any alcohol in your system.  A lot of folks don’t keep up with these matters, but the blood alcohol level to be considered “impaired” while driving changed several years ago to a lower level.  There is a move to lower it further. It has always been illegal to have illegal substances, like THC or cocaine  in your blood  while carrying. Improper use of prescriptions is while carrying is also illegal. I don’t want to digress into moralizing or preaching, but you really just can’t afford to have your judgment impaired at all when you are doing some things, like driving a car, piloting an aircraft, operating on someone’s heart…..is it ever really worth it at all?  For me and a lot of other folks, we just say no. It is a personal choice, and I will leave it there.

What about places that sell and serve alcohol that are “family establishments”?  It seems like the only places that don’t sell alcohol anymore are fast food, the fish camp, and the food trucks.  The question I have is “How many drunks have you ever seen there? “.  If intoxicated people frequent the place, leave.  That simple.   Nothing wrong with you carrying your gun where others are responsibly drinking.  But as for me, I am going to do my very best not to take my family anywhere I think trouble is or might be.  No bars for me, guns or not. Not too many places where alcohol is served at all. I guess I lead a very boring life, but I hope to make it a long one.


Magazine bans debunked 

Folks sometimes use reason to decide things, but most of the time they listen to someone else.  Many times the media has taken the place of Grandpa and Grandma, the pastor, the teacher, or some wise person in the community.  And so we get the mess we are in today. 

There was a lot of talk about magazine capacity limits following the latest round of media sensationalized mass shootings.  Is it really wise to allow a private citizen to have a ” high capacity” magazine?  What is a high capacity magazine, anyway? 

I hope this video will shed some light on the subject. http://thegunwire.com/blog/youtube-video-magazine-ban/



Navy yard shooting……Are we safe anywhere? 

Navy Yard shooting…..Are we safe anywhere?




With the last mass casualty shooting splashed all over the news media I wonder how many folks are thinking “are we safe anywhere?”. Workplace violence is certainly out there, and whether it is growing by leaps and bounds or not, it is certainly in the news. “If it bleeds id leads” has long been the mantra of editors of all kinds of media. The link to the church robbery should let folks know that houses of worship aren’t safe, either.  What about your kids in school? The recent brawl(s) at Erwin High school will make you wonder.  Home?  Just Google “home invasion”.

Going to church won’t get you to Heaven any more than going to a race will get you in victory lane.  Reading diet books, and even “going on a diet” won’t change your health very much or for very long.  I can preach on that one for sure.  Buying a gun won’t keep you safe.  You have to be willing to commit to a DIFFERENT LIFESTYLE, with different routines, different goals, and different thought patterns. You have to learn the “rules of the road”.  And then comes the hard part, you have to follow them. One look at my belly will tell you I have a hard time with that one myself.

If we are going to be safe we have to learn to look around for threats and not put ourselves in a situation where we can be murdered so easily.  “Gun Free Zones” are not a safe place.  Churches, schools, even military bases are just plain bad places to be.  Try to find a workplace, a school, and a house of worship that takes your life seriously. I have a really hard time believing that a pastor who doesn’t acknowledge the risks inherent anytime a group of people are gathered is really very concerned about where my soul will spend eternity. Workplace?  Same thing.  No one has to “take you to raise” as my father used to say, but the workplace should be as safe as it can be made.  School?  Physical security is the least of my worries.  The garbage exposure to a multicultural society is far worse.  Get a haircut, put some clothes on, and act like you are “made in God’s own image” instead of an animal. .  And I mean students and teachers.

Personal security is a daily walk like your faith should be if it is real.  It is not a “diet”, it is not a trip to an alter, a gym membership,   or a dunk in the baptistery, it is a real change in the way you look at the world and how you react to it. A gun is not fire insurance.  First, make a real commitment to carry the thing.  Second, learn how to use it and when to and when not to use it.  And most important, learn to stay out of situations where there is the remotest possibility you might need it.

We teach NRA Refuse TO Be  A Victim seminars.  That is a very good place to start with a security conscious lifestyle.  Personal Protection Inside the Home also has some good information about safety in the home. Personal Protection Outside the Home is a two part, thirteen hour course full of good information about conducting yourself in public. SABRE CSAP is great. CSAP stands for Civilian Safety and Awareness Program.  Again, full of awareness and avoidance skills.  Or, you can just buy a gun and put it in the sock drawer.

Stay safe.

This one is for real 

I recently came across this article.  While I haven’t met a dingle Law Enforcement Officer locally who has this kind of attitude, there are some officers who think this way.  Actually, the comments the chief of Chicago Police made do bring up some valid points.  What should you do if you are involved in a shooting?  What do you do if you are approached by Law Enforcement after a shooting?  What do you do is f you are accused of a crime?  Very good points.  We address these in my Concealed Carry class, as well as in PPIH, but there really are no hard and fast answers.  Law enforcement locally takes either a neutral or a positive attitude toward concealed carry There is no uniform training among LEOs from state to state about how to handle someone legally carrying a concealed weapon. If  the comments to this article are any indicator as to  the general attitude of CCH permit holders ( I can assure you they are not) you will see it is a wonder more ” law abiding citizens ” don’t get shot.   


The best advice I have heard is to DO WHATEVER L.E. TELLS YOU TO DO, DO IT WITH A SMILE,DO IT IMMEDIATELY, AND SAY “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir”, even if you are totally in the right and they are half your age.  The men and women who are paid to protect us are just people, too, and they are pretty keen on going home at the end of the shift.  The LAW can be just as dangerous as the criminals if you do something stupid.  They don’t know you from Adam’s house cat, and they don’t know you called them.  Be polite, courteous, and compliant.  They will eventually get to the bottom of the situation. 





Too Horrible to believe! 

It looks like the Bluegrass state has lost it’s mind. I came across this article bay accident.  It doesn’t seem to be in the mainstream yet.  I a going to do some research and see what I can come up with. I just pray it isn’t true.


Hah!  Fooled you, Didn’t I ?  Apparently, the tea party economist was fooled, too.  There isn’t any RFID program in KY.  There isn’t any gun registration in KY, and the legislature isn’t in session up there.  The fact is KY is probably more gun friendly than NC and a lot of other states. This is the same way rumors get started about “the Gub’ ment buying up all the ammo”.  I even heard of one instance where a group of folks in a white van go to Walmart and buy all the popular ammo as soon as it comes in.  Funny thing about that one, it is absolutely true!  A group is operating together buying ammo from local stores.  But they aren’t the “gub’ment”.  The same folks can be found selling ammo in the IWANNA paper and at local flea markets.  When folks go in the stores and see the shelves are bare, they will pay three times the price for a box of 22 ammo at the flea market.

Be wary of anything you read on the internet!   I know everything you read on the internet has to be true, or the Federal Internet Protection Agency will send a drone to launch a missile strike on the offenders keyboard, but still, some BS still slips by.



I wanted to talk a little today about the basics. If folks would focus on the basics thy could save themselves a lot of grief in almost any human endeavor.  When w talk about defensive shooting we can break it down to equipment and technique.  Let’s start with technique. The modern technique of the Pistol was defined by Col Jeff Cooper in the 1970s at his school, Gunsite.  Gunsite was a place where civilians could come and learn defensive shooting.  There are guns schools everywhere now.  Some of them prey good and some pretty bad.  One of the ways you can judge them is how close they stick to the basics.  Col Cooper didn’t invent a lot of the techniques he taught, he was the first person to write down and canonize many of them, though.  He helped NRA work on the defensive pistol classes that they publish curriculums for.  Most of the well thought of trainers in business today have been students or instructors at Gunsite at one time or the other.

SO, what are the basics?  First, if you are going to be effective with  handgun, you are going to have to hit your target. You have to get multiple effective hits, and do it rapidly. Everything should be centered around this one basic goal.  If you are going to get hits, you must exercise many of the same fundamentals any other shooter does.  You must learn to carry the handgun so it can be accessed quickly, easily and in as many situations as possible.  If you have it buried in a pocket or a purse you aren’t going to be able to get it when you need it.  Second, you must establish a good grip with your strong hand.  the NRA Basic Pistol book goes into quite a bit of detail on this.  The next step is to pull the gun from the holster.  Sounds easy, but if you don’t clear the holster, or if you blur this step into another step you can fail to set uop for the next steps.  Fourth, rotate the gun to the target.  the muzzle should go to a position so that if you were to discharge the gun it would hit the target somewhere.  Fifth, center the handgun with your body.  Sixth, join your weak hand to the gun and establish a two handed grip.  Seventh, present the gun. this means ” punch out” , or “extend” your arms into the two handed firing position. Eight, SHOOT! Nine, Shoot again.  Repeat as necessary until the threat is over.  Immediately scan both ways and access the situation.  Is the threat over ( down and out of the fight or  retreated) are there an more threats?  Bring the handgun back to a High ready position.  Holster If it is safe to do so.  

WOW.  Lots of stuff to do, and about a second to get them done.  And I left out some little, picky stuff like AIMING, proper trigger press, follow through, and trigger reset. If you choose a semi auto pistol you also need to earn how to clear a malfunction.   Pretty simple, isn’t it?  Just go get a gun that is easy to hide in your pocket and you are safe from any and all deadly threats.  Oh, did I mention that a single handgun wound is fatal around 15% of the time?  Most shootings involve around 3 shots fired by the good guy.  Law enforcement has a really good hit ratio, 15- 20 % of the time they hit what they are shooting at.  The average LE involved shooting takes place at seven feet.  Add the fact that you are never going to be justified in shooting another human being unless another reasonable person would agree that you were about to be killed or seriously injured ( read scared to death)  and you see why I harp on basics so much.  You have to be able do these things without thinking. If you blink, you lose. 

A good way to stir a whole pile of stinky stuff is to talk about equipment.  I had rather insult a man’s wife, or a woman’s husband than I had his or her choice of a gun.  The problem is  it is a lot like a life partner.  You will live or die by what you carry. If what I wrote above didn’t go right over your head, if you actually believe what I wrote, can you see how you will have to practice, practice, practice? And you need to practice with the same gun.  I saw a story by a fellow the other day.  He talked about his battery of handguns.  I can’t live in his head.  I don’t know about his dexterity level, his ability to adapt his muscle memory to different tools, but as for me, I want one gun, and I want to wear it out and go get another one just like it.  People accuse me of being a 1911 snob.  Not true.  I am, however, a duty pistol snob.  I just don’t want a pistol I can’t use good from with.  If I can’t get all my fingers on the grip, if I can’t get a good sight picture, if I can not manipulate the safety lever, if there is one, if I can’t make rapid magazine changes, if I can’t quickly clear a malfunction, if I can’t get a good holster for it, if I can’t get spare parts, and install them or have them installed, if I can’t count on the gun to make hits on targets and game while I am in the woods, I just don’t want it.  I went to our local police academy  a while back.  Some of the kids were talking and snickering about my ” rusty old gun”.  Well, I will admit the finish is about 50% gone on my favorite 1911. I have carried it daily for about 4 years now.  I think about any weapon that a police department or military unit finds to be reliable , accurate, and dependable will probably work.  Holsters are lot different for civilians, but the basics apply. They should be easy to get to, durable, and simple.  There is a lot of pure stupidity out there that is supposed to be  something new .  Hey, thugs use tape to hold their guns to them. Holsters really need another whole blog post.  Just rest assured that good holsters are not cheap, they are not gimmicky, and they are easy to get to and fairly secure from a fall out or gun grab.

There is a lot to it, isn’t there?  That is why it is vital to get good training to start with and some good coaching as a follow up. Carrying  loaded deadly weapon in public is a big responsibility. it is not out of the average person’s ability to learn to do it safely and effectively.  It does seem to be out of the average person’s priorities.

Fairy Tales 

Let’s face it folks, we live in a world where reality is a little blurry sometimes. When we are talking about firearms we tend to get more than the usual dose of propaganda.  Gun makers have to sell guns to stay in business.  Magazine publishes have to sell advertising to sty in business.  Gun makers buy advertising.  The public wants information. So we get a pretty vicious circle of production driven demand if we are not really careful.  Take a look at devices for driving nails.  The claw hammer has been around since about the time of the wire nail.  If you look at a claw hammer that was made the day the Wright brothers made the first powered flight it really isn’t all that different  from what we have today.  Hammers are durable goods.  It is really, really hard to tear up a hammer. So why do we need a hammer made yesterday?  Why won’t the 110 year old hammer work?  It will.  I have a few tools that are 100 or so years old.  What about handguns?

The 9mm Luger, 38 special, 45 , 380, .32 auto, 25 auto, 22 long rifle, and over half our current rifle cartridges have reached their respective 100th birthdays.  The 40 Smith&Wesson is a relative newcomer, as is the .357 Sig, but they are really just a rehashed old idea.  The .40 nicely fills the void left when the 38-40 Winchester fell out of favor.  The .357 Sig won’t do anything the .38 Super Auto won’t, except fit in a shorter action.  The 38 Super Auto is almost 80 years old.  What gives?

There are a lot of reasons given for the birth of a new cartridge.  Most of them are bolgna.  I remember a fellow who was pretty good at “Marketing”.  He sold a ” Hot Dog Sandwich”.  Being as how hot dogs and Bologna are the same texture, and use basically the same spices, he felt pretty good about this. He was also able to “market” what were later called ” Jello shots” to the ABC board in his town.He lived in a town where there were Blue Laws. He didn’t have a Liquor license.  He figured he needed to be open on Sunday morning to get the drunks in his diner on Sunday morning.  Since he could use wine or spirits in “food”, he made Jello Shots. Jello and vodka.  He could sell them all day, every day.  Had the best Sunday morning trade in town.  There is a lot of that going on with ALL marketing.  Is it cow poo, or ” Organic fertilizer?  The price varies considerably according to your perception.

Concealed carry permits have been really, really good to ammo makers and Gun makers.  THer has always been a market for deer rifle, but that has been drying up.  In North Carolina alone, we have been losing around 500o licensed hunters a year for several years.  Guns are durable goods, remember.  there are plenty of guns for all the deer hunters to have a closet full.  Handguns were mstly for the police and for collectors.  What are you going to do with a handgun?  My dad looked at me like I had two heads when we were going deer hunting one time.  ” Where is your rifle?” I patted my hip , where I had my 629 Smith & Wesson holstered. ” I am going to use this one.”    ” You can’t hunt with a Pistol!”  He found out different less than two days later.  Two moving deer, both clean kills.  But most folks didn’t hunt with a handgun.  Very little target shooting was done with any firearm. Since the middle eighties we have gone from a very few states that allow concealed carry to ALL states now having some form of concealed carry licensing system.  Participation varies  from 3 percent to 10 percent of eligible citizens.  So, there is a huge market for handguns, holsters, clothing cut to fit a concealed carry lifestyle, and, unfortunately, “concealed carry guns”.

Why do I say ” unfortunately”?  Several reasons.  First, a ” concealed carry gun” is quite literally, the last gun a new shooter should buy.  There is nothing wrong with a gun that is shorter, lighter, and less powerful for a really experienced shooter.  The problem is  new shooters have the deck stacked against them.  Small pistols and revolvers are very hard to shoot well.  They are not ideal for learning the basics, and they are really not any easier to conceal.  I will go into this in greater detail later, but I always let students shoot a Model 38 Bodyguard Smith & Wesson.  Then, with the same loads, shoot a K – 38. I introduce them to both handguns in the classroom, and NONE of theme would pick the K-38.  ” It’s too big.”   “How would you carry it? ” ” I couldn’t conceal that.”  My favorite is ” That is too heavy.”   WOW.   Less recoil, less noise, almost impossible to miss with, the K-38 is just that, a Masterpiece.  The first reaction is  ” I couldn’t carry that all day!”  My response is always ” I carried a 6″ 44 magnum for years, all day, every day.”  It really isn’t the handgun, it is the holster and how you dress the makes the difference as far as concealing a handgun.

When I figure the picture posting tools out on this new blog, I will post some pictures and maybe some video.  Folks really do stack the odds against themselves with the choices they make on handguns, holsters, and clothing when they decide to carry a gun.  The sad part is most of the bad decisions are because we are so inundated with propaganda and “spin” and just outright lies.  Most folks wont listen, but I hope to help cut through some of that and help folks get some good information to make a decision with.

Shooting match tomorrow 

Tomorrow I am going to a match the local USPSA club is holding.  I am not  member of the local club or USPSA, but I am most likely going to join both.  The shooting fraternity is full of really nice folks but many times we do not share the same ideas about things.  Church, politics, bird dog breeds,  barbque and carry guns are some of these things.   What I like about USPSA is the idea that I can shoot what I carry, in the holster I carry it in, the way I carry it.  I carry a 1911, in a SERPA holster, under an unbuttoned shirt or a vest. Folks can use revolvers, “duty type ” guns, or single stack Limited, like I carry. I preach against almost every gun and method of carry that wouldn’t work in a USPSA match.  They call it “Practical” for a reason. Some guns and holsters are just junk. ‘Nuf said .

The local shooting club has some nice people in it.  They have weekly shoots. One stage, and the stage is usually set up  to teach a specific skill. The monthly matches are not for beginners, but they aren’t anything that will embarrass someone who is well grounded in the fundamentals of defensive shooting.  I started going to the weekly shoots to see what was going on.  I wanted a place to send my students besides me, and my classes. I am in business to make money, despite what my wife thinks. But I don’t think it is right to “milk” anyone.  My goal is to do all I can do that will honestly benefit a student, and then send them on to someone else who can truly be a benefit to them.  I will be talking to some club officers soon to see what kind of baseline proficiency  ( READ SAFETY) they would like to see in a new shooter. 

One of the best things about our local club is that they don’t make you join to shoot. Weekly shoots are cheap, and matches are dirt cheap, even for non members.  I will be reporting late as I get down to brass tacks on proficiency ( READ SAFETY), and providing a link to  the club website. I think this will really help, and besides, running and gunning is FUN !  Results tomorrow.