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His and hers Homestead defense 

The way I see it

The way I see it

The time has finally come for Ma to upgrade her home defense hardware. Business has me on the road a lot more and we are getting ready to add some livestock to the farm, so varmint killing will be a big thing. I have gone against my own advice for husbands and tried to gently nudge my wife into this handgun or that one, but to no avail. She likes her S& W Bodyguard with Crimson trace grips and that is it. She did decide on her own that 5 shots might not be enough firepower to deal with  a gang of thugs, and she started asking about my AR 15.

After only one trip to the backyard range, she was sold. Kind if grinning, too. If you can find someone a gun they Like to shoot, you have won the battle. Give them some basics and a bunch of ammo and you’re set. Several problems came up in selecting a good quality AR for her.  First, She is going to accessorize it. I didn’t want anything but a basic entry level carbine, but I wanted it to be high quality. It will be configured for CQB/ Home defense, my AR will be more of a light sniping rifle. I will use it for deer, coyotes, bobcats, whatever is edible or bothering the gardens and or livestock. I always carry a duty sized handgun so my needs are a little different than hers. I have promised a red dot sight, and past that she is on he own.  Whatever she wants and whatever adds to her confidence I am going to help her find. So, for that reason, and because of her smaller stature, weight was crucial.  I wanted a Carbon fiber lower to help with weight.

I found a Windam Carbon fiber upper and lower and M-4 contour barrel AR in my price range. It weighs less than 6 lbs without sights, so it will be a good candidate for a red dot, and possibly a laser/ light combo. I put the scope I just took off my AR  on it and sighted it for 100 yards. Personally, I think I am in love.  I may have to rethink the whole heavy barrel AR thing for my farm gun.

Anyhow, we are both equipped with a black rifle now, and I will keep you posted, maybe do a video. The next thing I want to talk about, for sure,  is ammo selection. I am getting the fine points worked out on my hand loads for both rifles. While there is no “one load does it all” I am positive I have worked out a practice, defense and  hunting load that will be cheap and effective. his and hers


As far as east is from west 

The way I see it

The way I see it

I have never understood some folks’ mindset. We have a big bru ha ha right now in NC over the “bathroom bill” Seems it is o.k. for someone to use the restroom that matches their gender identity and disregards their plumbing. We had a Federal Judge here in Rowan county put the clerk of court in jail for five days for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, despite  a federal law, a state law, and the woman’s conscious being against it. She too an oath to uphold the law, not bow and scrape to every federal judge with an opinion.

Now it looks like defending yourself against a violent attacker is against the law.  It violates the attackers civile right to a fair trial if you shoot his sorry behind to the ground and he dies. Here is the link to the huffpost article. http://downtrend.com/71superb/huffpo-shooting-in-self-defense-is-illegal-because-it-denies-violent-criminals-a-fair-trial

We live in strange days. Black is white, up is down, and defending my person from a deadly assault denies the assailant  a fair trial.



Modified Bill Drill – WNC Concealed Carry with Shannon Frazier 

In this video, professional instructor Shannon Frazier demonstrates his modified version of Bill Wilson’s drill for fast shooting.

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Bill Drill – WNC Concealed Carry with Shannon Frazier 

In this video, professional instructor Shannon Frazier demonstrates the Bill Wilson drill for fast shooting.

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To see more YouTube videos, visit the Official WNC Concealed Carry Channel here.

NRA Six Step Draw – WNC Concealed Carry with Shannon Frazier 

In this video, professional instructor Shannon Frazier shows us the NRA six step method for safely unholstering, shooting and re-holstering a handgun.

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Beretta PX4 Storm – WNC Concealed Carry with Shannon Frazier 

In this video, professional instructor Shannon Frazier show us the Beretta PX4 Storm.

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To see more YouTube videos, visit the Official WNC Concealed Carry Channel here.

Shot Timer – WNC Concealed Carry with Shannon Frazier 

In this video, professional instructor Shannon Frazier explains the importance of shot timers as a way to gauge speed while performing handgun drills.

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To see more YouTube videos, visit the Official WNC Concealed Carry Channel here.

The Coming Ammo Shortage 

We have seen and heard all kinds of complete stupidity about ammo shortages.  “The government is buying all the ammo!”   “George Soros has bought a bunch of firearms makers , and is shutting them down!”  It just goes on and on, and it never seems to get any better.  As a matter of fact, it seems to get stupider and stupider all the time. I am deeply concerned about all theses rumors and the resulting hoarding of ammunition, but not  because there is any factual basis to any of them that I can find.  I am concerned because adult human beings are apparently believing them. I think it really should concern us when adults who vote, own and carry firearms, raise children, drive automobiles, and have access to the internet actually believe in something more fictional than Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. That is the scary part.

I did come across an article and it does scare the daylights out of me.  Doe Run is apparently the only commercial smelter of newly mined lead ore in the US.  That should scare any thinking person.  The fact that it is being closed down is  real scary thing. I don’t want to get into the whole argument about the government over regulating industry.  Maybe there are good reasons for more regulation on lead smelters, maybe not.  What I am upset about is the control of a vital industry by nations not so friendly to our national interests.

Will the move of smelting operations increase the price of lead?  With our currency falling in value, with greater demand on resources from emerging nations, with the un popularity of American policies abroad,  I would say that in the long run it has to cause an increase in price.  Will it effect supply?  Very possibly. Our currency is not worth anywhere near what is was a few short year ago, and the third world is rising in purchasing power and “favorableness” as  a trading partner.  Who says the Chinese have to sell us anything, particularly when we want to pay with worthless currency?

Being able to cast your own bullets and reload your own ammo is already critical if you are going to shoot very much.  It will become more so in the future.  I am personally going to start looking for alternatives to lead/ lead core bullets that can be produced at home. So far no one I know has come up with a viable alternative to cast lead bullets that is cheap and works.  I have about $200 in the used equipment I use to produce thousands of cast bullets for my 9mms and 38 specials.  As the price of scrap lead rises folks will be less likely to give it to you or sell it cheaply.  Also, more and more lead is going into batteries for all kinds of gadgets and many time the lead is alloyed with other metals that ruin lead for use as a bullet.  Zinc plays havoc with lead when it is being cast.  It ruins lead for all practical purposes as a bullet alloy.  Some of the things in Lead-acid batteries make lethal gasses when smelted, ruin casting qualities of the alloy, and are impossible to get out of the alloy in a home setting.

Solid copper bullets have a couple of problems.  First is cost.  Copper has been around $8 a lb. for scrap.  It is even more in demand than lead as an industrial metal.  Second, casting copper at home would be a whole different ball game than melting some lead on a Coleman stove and pouring it into a cheap aluminum mold. Swaging lead is a viable home industry.  Lead can be swaged with very simple tooling and hand powered presses.  Copper would require industrial presses and much more expensive tooling.  There is also the performance of copper bullets.  Unless the cartridge being loaded has some serious velocity the mushrooming effect of plain lead or led alloy bullets is lost.  So there may be an FN Five Seven in your future.  Wonder if IDPA and USPSA will have to have a rule change to allow .22 center fire pistols to shoot major?

The shotgun shell makers have had to deal with this by artificially imposed regulations for years.  Bismuth, Tungsten, Iron matrix, all kinds of weird and unusual materials have been tried with varying degrees of success. The problem is all these materials are scarce, hard to impossible ( certainly cost prohibitive) to shape at home, and most have degraded terminal, internal and exterior ballistics.

What is Micro stamping? 

What is Micro stamping?

Micro stamping is a process where certain internal parts of a firearm are etched with a serial number in the attempt to permanently mark expended cartridge cases.  The theory behind this technology is that the cases found at a crime scene would have a serial number and therefore be easily traced to the weapon that fired them.  The police arrive at a homicide scene.  There are expended cartridge casings on the ground.  The police collect them, take them to the crime lab, look at them under the microscope, and get on the computer and punch in the numbers. The detective calls a judge and gets a warrant while a swat team is in route to the address on the computer.  Crime solved, right?  The problem is the theory you see played out on CSI or NCIS doesn’t work out all that well in real life.

Several problems are immediately apparent.  First, crimes are by definition committed by criminals. Most serious crimes are committed by repeat offenders. Federal law already prohibits possession of  firearms by felons.  The whole idea is flawed just on these grounds. Next, IF the serialization actually works, it would lead to the last registered owner of a particular firearm. In order for this technology to work there has to be a registry of firearms. Firearms registry is it’s self an idea that doesn’t work.  Canada recently scrapped its long gun registry because it just didn’t work as a crime prevention, crime solving matter.  The only thing Canada’s registry did was cost enormous amounts of money and make criminals out of gun owners who refused to register their guns.

The linked Wikipedia article talks about Canadian long gun registry in particular, and goes into some detail about gun registration in general.  It just doesn’t work, it is intrusive, and puts an unnecessary burden on law abiding people. The article on micro stamping talks about the pros and cons of micro stamping.  My personal knowledge of firearms tells me it is just plain stupid. The only thing micro stamping technology would do is force a registry and cause problems for people who have done no wrong.   


Reaping the Whirlwind 


This article proves opposite points of view to different people. One side thinks that “Stand your ground” laws caused George Zimmerman to shoot “a Child”.  The other side wonders where we ever got the idea that a righteous person has to flee from any evil, much less a life threat. The author(s) also managed to work in the race card.  Wonderful, wonderful piece of propaganda.  I wish I were as skillful at influencing people as the folks at Harvard.  If I were, here are some of the things I would try to bring to your mind.

Be a daddy. Most violent offenders didn’t have a father in the home. If you want your son to grow up to be a productive, law abiding citizen, maybe you should get a job, a haircut, and try your best to be faithful to your wife, preferably the woman who is also your son’ mother.

Get a job.  While it happens, not too many gainfully employed people get into serious legal trouble. A great majority of violent offenders are unemployed or underemployed.  We had a movement lately for fast food workers to go on strike for a “living wage”. I think we have lost the concept of an “entry level job”.  Handing out carts at Walmart is a great job for a retired person who wants a little extra money and something to get them out of the house.  Fast food is pretty good for a student…Which brings up another point.

Get some education. If you don’t get educated formally, “get a trade”.  Trade schools or apprentice programs are a really good way to earn as you learn. If Dad had done something like that it would be easy to encourage Jr to do the same, right? College isn’t for everyone.  It is designed to take an average student and turn out a product, and entry level worker, that an industry or profession can use.  I repeat, college isn’t for everyone.  Neither is a trade.  Some folks are meant to be business people, artists, whatever.  If that is the case, get with other folks who re good at what you want to do and do what they do. That is education, too.

Be accountable.  What was a “child” doing out at 2:00am in the morning?  There isn’t much that is moral or legal going on at 2:00am anywhere in the US.  I suspect that most violent crime happens at times when “decent” people are asleep.

Don’t associate with trash.  A huge percentage of murders, violent assaults and rapes are perpetrated by folks who know each other.  It doesn’t matter if the trash in your life is white trash, black trash, or brown trash, leave it at the curb where trash belongs.  If your family is trash, get away from them!  It is that important.

The big problem with America and the rest of the World is lack of responsibility.  We all want to “do what thou will”, the mantra of Alistair Crowley. Alistair Crowley was a wizard and a Satanist.  He was called “the wickedest man alive”, and “The Beast” by the British press during his life time.  We have a whole generation who take his advice.  It seems even the learned folks at Harvard refuse to accept the responsibility for their own actions, choosing instead to blame guns for a shooting death. I suppose if a child is run over in the street it is the folks who made the tires on the car who are to blame.  After all. Dr. Phil was on T.V.  Who expects you to watch that two year old all the time?  “Do what thou will” and reap the whirlwind.  Or, do what is right and live to a ripe old age.  It is a matter of choice. The sad part is many times it is generational.  The children also reap the whirlwind when the parents sow to the wind.