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Our mission here at WNC Center for Personal Protection is to be the best recourse for a new defensive pistol shooter. We want folks to have a safe, fun experience doing the required course work for the NC Concealed Carry permit, and to help them go as far with their training as they can. If we can help a student to enjoy shooting as much as we do, there will never be a problem with getting the skills you need to defend yourself and your loved ones.

We hope to get you started on an enjoyable journey that will also help you feel more secure in your home and anywhere else you might go. We want to help you find out what is really practical for you and the life you live while you are doing this.

Shannon Frazier is a professional NRA Certified Instructor and holds all NRA Civilian Pistol Instructor Certifications. He is a full time instructor and is committed to this business. Courses are taught with his personal expert knowledge on all levels.  All courses provide professional training in a fun, hospitable, interactive and relaxed-casual Christian environment.  He is constantly learning and increasing his own knowledge to better serve his students.

Shannon is a native of Western North Carolina and has lived here all his life.  His personal mission is to teach safety and responsibility to law-abiding citizens.  His interest in teaching civilian personal protection evolved from doing private security work within his community.  Shannon is also a deacon and a dedicated member of his church.